Building a healthier, more equitable community

To improve the health of residents in Southern Maryland through meaningful partnership-led education, engagement, and empowerment.
Health equity for a healthier Southern Maryland.
two hands making a heart

Totally Linking Care in Maryland (TLC-MD) puts “care” at the center of health

TLC-MD is a nonprofit coalition of 6 hospitals that connects healthcare providers and programs with residents in Southern Maryland (Calvert County, Charles County, Prince George’s County, and St. Mary’s County). We believe that everyone deserves access to quality healthcare.

We build innovative health programs through grant funding and sustain them through public/private partnerships.

It is our goal to simplify how you access healthcare, one program at a time, to help you become the healthiest version of yourself. We do this by breaking down barriers to health care services and building bridges between hospitals, healthcare professionals, faith-based organizations, and, most importantly, the residents of our community.

We provide support to prevent and manage diabetes, blood pressure, heart disease, and behavioral health.